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Oracle readings are a medium in which to receive guidance from the Divine Source. Anyone with bhakti and training can eventually read for themselves and others.

I will only read for you if you’re over the age of 25.

Oracle readings do not answer yes and no questions.

These are the type/format of questions you’d want to ask:

What do I need to know about _____ (this person, place, thing, situation, dream).

What is the block I am facing _________(at work, with money, with school, with “this” person), what do I need to do to overcome it.

What should I do about “this” situation?

Request your reading with me for ONE particular situation for which you need spiritual guidance.


After you buy my service, I will email you at the email address you inserted at checkout, to ask for your photo, your full name, and may include questions to confirm my understanding of your situation.

Upon receiving your name and photo, I will meditate on your situation and I will perform an oracle reading to get spiritual insight into your situation and needs.  By connecting with my spiritual guides I will complete a 3 to 5 card reading. I will also use other divination tools for validation on specific questions that you have asked.

I will follow this up with a detailed email to you, with the results of the reading.

Important note: This spiritual reading is customized for those who book it, and is not generic.

Disclosure & Disclaimer
( not pleasant but this has to be said, by law )
My oracle readings are not intended in anyway shape or form as a substitute for professional services. I am not a licensed psychologist, lawyer, healthcare professional or financial advisor. My readings do not replace the services of the aforementioned practitioners.
Oracle readings are best considered as important information which supplements your own intuition, the facts on hand and your own good common sense.
For legal and liability purposes my services are categorized “ For Entertainment Purposes Only”
I always encourage personal responsibility and pro-activity regarding your own conclusions, choices and actions following readings.
Any messages, considerations or directions given on this site are interpretations. The aforementioned considerations are intended for your reflection only. At no time should any interpretations be considered as advice that must be acted upon. You have free will. The decision is yours. I will never give you advice about health or legal matters.

2 reviews for General Oracle Reading

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    First and foremost I must say that these Oracle Readings are such an important and wonderful service.

    I am amazed at the level of detail revealed in this reading. In fact, I was very surprised by some of the underlying issues that came to light through this reading.

    Indeed in my case, some of the info wasn’t easy to hear because there were some tough questions being asked of myself . But Sati is very blessed in the way she interprets the signs, information and signals given to make interpretation easy to understand. And her sense of humour is an awesome touch!

    Sati really cares about helping people find their way. The spiritual path is full of many twists and turns. But through the General Oracle Readings that Sati has done for me, I’m feeling much better about my future and where I’m going now that I have a roadmap to help me.

    Thank you Sati for your fantastic work.
    You are truly blessed!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Thanks to Sati for providing such a great service.
    I’m really glad that I chose to get an oracle reading from Sati.
    The insightful reading was very eye -opening and Sati was able to help clarify certain points that were unclear. The reading was also very detailed and well communicated.

    All in all – I’m very happy with my experience. Many thanks to Sati!

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