Spiritual Remedy Consultation and Reading


If your troubles are of a spiritual nature – blocks that appear, psychic/spiritual disturbances, confusion about your path – this consultation is the remedy you’ve been looking for. It offers the specific guidance needed to help you

  1. clear obstacles
  2. clear negativity from your aura and your home
  3. progress along your path

The consultations I provide are empowering, uplifting and spiritual in nature. The consultation includes a spiritual reading/divination of your situation as it pertains to the issue you share with me, along with the mantras, possible Sādhanā, any information available about your spiritual guides and the specific do-it-yourself steps you need to take to achieve your desired goal.

Please see below to learn about:

  • The process.
  • Mantras.
  • Sādhanā.
  • Spiritual Guides.

Request your mantra consultation and reading with me via email for ONE particular situation for which you need a spiritual remedy.

The Process:

After you buy my service, I will email you at the email address you inserted at checkout, to ask for your photo, your full name, and about your situation in detail, and what you want to achieve through the mantra consultation and spiritual reading.

This may include questions to confirm my understanding of your situation, and your past experience with mantras, if any.
Upon receiving your name and photo, I will meditate on your situation and note down any visions, messages, and profound thoughts that arise during the meditation.

Next, I will perform a tarot or oracle reading to get spiritual insight into your situation and needs.  By connecting with my spiritual guides I will complete a full 40 minute reading, laying down additional cards if I am guided to do so. I will also use other divination tools for validation on specific questions that you have asked.

I will follow this up with a detailed email to you, with the results of your reading and specific advice on the special mantras you must chant, to help your situation. Along with this, I may suggest a Sādhanā (daily practice with the special mantra) to help you focus your mantra meditation. You will also receive any available information about spiritual guides you can focus on that are happy to help you along your path.

Sometimes I also recommend certain washes, baths, simple rituals, oils and other easy-to-do traditions, that you can source on your own. If the items I recommend need to be prayed over and blessed, I may suggest that you buy them from me. Please note that this consultation does not include these materials. To get the best results, please do follow through on the advice you seek to accomplish your goals.

Important note: This spiritual reading is customized for those who book it, and is not generic.


The practice of chanting Mantras to bring profound physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual peace through yoga and meditation practice has been effective for thousands of years.

How can mantras help you?

Mantras are a type of prayer that originated in the Hindu tradition. They are powerful magical word formulae composed from the ancient Sanskrit script. Reciting them can dramatically transform your life. When recited aloud, each syllable of the Sanskrit alphabet creates energetic vibrations. Combined into spiritually potent phrases, these can help you achieve your goals and desires and even connect you with the divine.


Every goal worth attaining requires persistence. A daily spiritual practice adds strength to your meditation, and brings you closer to the spiritual plain and those who exist there (see Spiritual Guides below). Sādhanā is a sure path to finding your own power and connection to the Divine. This is as simple as creating a sacred space, breath work, and chanting your mantra. What you specifically need to do would be based on your own goals and environment.

Spiritual Guides:

Spiritual Guides can be ancestors, angels, ascended masters, and divine beings from any and all faiths. Your Spiritual Guides are always willing and happy to partner with you in your growth and journey.

Request your mantra consultation and reading with me via email for ONE particular situation for which you need a spiritual remedy.

Disclosure & Disclaimer
( not pleasant but this has to be said, by law )
My oracle readings are not intended in anyway shape or form as a substitute for professional services. I am not a licensed psychologist, lawyer, healthcare professional or financial advisor. My readings do not replace the services of the aforementioned practitioners.
Oracle readings are best considered as important information which supplements your own intuition, the facts on hand and your own good common sense.
For legal and liability purposes my services are categorized “ For Entertainment Purposes Only”
I always encourage personal responsibility and pro-activity regarding your own conclusions, choices and actions following readings.
Any messages, considerations or directions given on this site are interpretations. The aforementioned considerations are intended for your reflection only. At no time should any interpretations be considered as advice that must be acted upon. You have free will. The decision is yours. I will never give you advice about health or legal matters.

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